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Steelers double over the Ravens.

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Steelers double over the Ravens.

Post by Judge Shredd on Sun Aug 14, 2011 4:35 pm

Having been entirely embarrassed by the Steelers at home earlier in the season which got the HC the "Shut Me Out" moniker, the Ravens bouyed from beating the Lions arrived into Pittsburgh on their overnight Greyhound from Detroit full of fighting spirit. However it was a rain lashed Pittsburgh and Schaub was still hammered from drinking after the Lions game after he produced a game winning drive.

To be totally honest, the game was a tense and well fought contest, I cant remember how it all played out.

JaMarcus Austin was intercepted 3 times and fumbled once, however the Ravens like the Lions previous couldnt convert the turnovers to meaningful points.

Steelers went up 7v0 after holding the ball for 52 seconds, Ravens drove into field goal range, but missed wide left as the California to Northern Ireland lag kicked in.

Ravens got the ball back again and did score a FG going in at the half 7v3 down.

Ravens kicked off to the Steelers and were forced to punt. Ravens then punted straight back to the Steelers and got it downed at the 1, very next play, JaMarcus was picked and the ball returned to the 8, on 3rd down, Reggie Bush was all alone in the middle of the End Zone for the go ahead score. Up 10v7, the whole Ravens team were in shock, the lead didnt last long and on the next play from Scrimmage, Mike Wallace done what he does best, score TD's, 69 yard catch and run. Steelers up 14v10. Steelers then scored again after the Ravens had to punt, 3 plays and a 54 yard TD to either Caldwell or Allenye. Steelers up 21v10, game over, the Ravens had to punt once more, and ended up burning through their Time Outs. The Steelers had to punt and the Ravens had the ball back before the 2minute warning, got down the field to FG Range and kicked the points. 21v13, and that was the final, because the Ravens done a normal Kick Off instead of going for an on side in the last 30 seconds. The coach in the effective night/day double header game forgot about the 8 points was catchable and was stuck thinking it was a 2 score game.

The taste of victory in Detroit went quickly.

Final Steelers 21v13 Ravens.

Cheers for the match Adam, I doubt JaMarcus will ever have 4 turnovers in a game again.
Judge Shredd
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Re: Steelers double over the Ravens.

Post by undersc_re on Mon Aug 15, 2011 5:30 pm

Fun stat of the night:

Schaub completed 10 passes. Was picked off once. And the Steelers D had 15 pass deflections (15! Can no one catch a ball????), which means he was hitting Steelers defenders in the hands more often than Ravens players.

Was a fun game Carl. You'd be someone to worry about later in the season if I had to play you again. Thankfully I was able to get you right before you get too dangerous.

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