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Ravens keep stacking the L's

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Ravens keep stacking the L's

Post by Judge Shredd on Tue Aug 23, 2011 7:34 pm

Ravens vs Green Bay

This game was a tight contest, in my mind at least, no scoring till the forth, the Packers were moving the ball pretty freely at times, but a missed FG in the first half, a pick when driving and a Aaron Rodgers fumble meant there was no scoring till into the forth quarter, when after Rodgers fumbled, the Ravens gave the ball back in the shape of a pick within 3 plays, the Packers made no mistake when getting into the Red Zone this time and took a TD lead, with the Ravens getting the ball back with 2.33 on the clock, they actually produced some offense for the first time in the day and got into the Packers Half, letting the 2 min warning run, holy mackerel they scored a TD with 1.27 left on the clock, now I'm suspecting Scotty let me score now, just so he could get the ball back, and drive deep into FG range, so with the clock expiring, learning from BabySeats mistake, he scored the winning FG and it was game over. Looking back, I probably should of called a TO earlier, once again, rookie mistake.

Ravens vs BengalSeats

The man, the legend, the I will punish whoever I face next due to the effing Zuniga backflipped switcheroo reverseathon bull duff KO return.

The seat was in no mood for messing, pick 6 came early on, first quarter ended with the Bengals having no possession of the ball and up by a TD. 2nd quarter went the way of the first, Schaub picked again, this time 4 plays, 4 yards, FG. Again the Ravens moved the ball, but only so far, Schaub again picked off, and this time the Bengals had a 59 yard TD, 17v0 at half time, game over. Bengals then received the ball in the 2nd half and got out past their 20, only for a couple of plays later to fumble, the Ravens recovered on the 26, but a holding penalty and a sack put them out of FG range. Ravens punted, Bengals then drove down the field, but only so far and punted, the Ravens got the ball on their 11, next play from scrimmage and Schaub completed his longest TD of the season, 89 yard pass to Saunders, should of saved this, as a highlight there has been few this season. not sure if Baby was feeling sorry for me at this point. Bengals got the ball back and this time showed no mercy in a impressive drive down the field, capped with a 2yd TD run, how, I aint sure, cause I stacked that line. Schaub was then picked again, and the Bengals took a FG from it to finish the scoring, Schaub was dropped and Compton came in, and he was then picked with 20 seconds to go. What a horrible game, seeing so many picks, not a nice feeling at all.

Well played Scott and Kris, good luck for the rest of the season, I now face Kris's cousin Gary and then Kris again, before finishing the season against Gregg Food.
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