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Madden 13 - The big thread of clearing things up

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Madden 13 - The big thread of clearing things up Empty Madden 13 - The big thread of clearing things up

Post by danvitale on Mon Aug 27, 2012 7:04 pm

OK. So here's the big thread on Madden 13.

I sent an email out about how messed up Madden 13 is in terms of having a set roster for CCM, but the actual team you get once you sign up as the coach or superstar is gimped - I guess by design EA have tried to incentivise grinding out XP to get these players back to the stat level that (I believe) they should already be at, and that level that was announced in the big ratings reveals prior to release.

I have a concern that the team I want to use vs team I am getting in the game isnt the same, and that personally I wont be good at playing (which is the crux, if I am honest). eg, in CCM, the Giants I get are 84ovr, where as on the "proper" roster they are 90ovr. It makes a big difference.

So let's talk about how XP and player progression is going to work with our leagues, because right now I have time for the usual fun with emails, but dont have time to grind out and try and apply ineffective XP boosts to bring players back to where they should be..

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