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AFC Championship game, Bengals at Dolphins 2012 (s3)

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AFC Championship game, Bengals at Dolphins 2012 (s3) Empty AFC Championship game, Bengals at Dolphins 2012 (s3)

Post by RealJeffSolo on Thu May 17, 2012 2:13 pm

Storming the field in their bright orange fan favorites, the Miami Dolphins having moved from Dallas just 3 years ago, were returning to the league championship for only the 2nd time (SuperOwl 3 Loss). Determined not to let their former division rival the Katskins (turned Cincinnati Kats). Having ended the Houston Starboys final run before the big move.

The Dolphins won the toss and elected to receive in the sunny Miami afternoon. Having studied their opponents game film, Miami coach Tony Sporano called in his first play.

Cam Newton, having been used and abused on every deep ball he has thrown this season, had also watched some game film and expecting a heavy blitz, audibled every man on the line to block, TE's and RB's. And it was the right call. Roddy White running straight down the field flew past CB Leon Hall and with ever other man on the field running towards Cam Newton he let loose a bomb that connected for 68 yards.

"We knew they would be a blitz heavy defense, and we wanted to take advantage right away" said starting HB Arian Foster.

Marching down the remaining 20 yards, a Cam Newton QB scramble sealed the deal for a 7 point drive to open the game.

The Bengals took the ensuing kickoff to the 35 yard line, nearly breaking it for a touchdown before SS Kenny Phillips made the tackle.

Matt Schaub, took the field and was ready to equalize but Jon Beason got in the way, literally. After a successful 1st down conversion, Schaubs pass was intercepted to start the new set of downs. MLB Jon Beason, making a finger snag catch, then proceeded to outrun the entire Cincinnati Team to the endzone to give the Phins a 14-0 lead.

Riding high after two unanswered scores the Dolphins D was excited to take the field again and quickly forced a 3 and out.

The Dolphins offense went right back to work, traveling 40 yards down field before the inevitability of Cam Newton reared its ugly head. Despite a carry rating that rivals some HB's Cam Newton was unable to hold on the ball as DT Domata Peko crushed him. Ray Maualuga scooped it up and ran it back the 59 yards to pay dirt.

14-7 Dolphins.

NFL Films had to bleep out Newtons comments for the next drive as well. Starting out at their own 10 yard line following a holding call on Jericho Cotchery's return, Newton was flushed out of the pocket and lob a ball into traffic where it was then permanently glued to the hand of Ray Maualuga who was quickly tackled by Roddy White to save a TD return.

Stickem hands

The Dolphins defense came up strong one again however, and was able to hold HB CJ Spiller short of the 1st down and force a FG attempt for the first play following the 2 minute warning. It was good.

14-10 Dolphins.1:56 remaining in the half.

Tony Sporano, annoyed by his teams inability to hold onto the ball in a traditional offensive scheme went back to the air. Throwing deep Jericho Cotchery, 24 yards, Steve Smith for 18, and then Roddy White again for 31. Cam Newton then failed to connect on a floater to the corner of the endzone, and Arian Foster fumbled while failing to push more than a yard, before Cam finally driving it home himself, scrambles in for another 7 yard TD run.

21-10 Dolphins with 1:26 remaining in the half.

As the Bengals took the field once more, visibly deflated by the quick score, they became bold. Tossing the ball some 60 yards, Matt Schaub put his faith in a double team jump ball inside the red zone to AJ Green. What appeared to be a clear interception was knocked down instead by SS Kenny Phillips. Undeterred the Bengals QB went right back to his man AJ, this time somehow leaping above another double team jump ball to bring the Bengals within striking distance. A FB dive by Dolphin Ex-Pat Lousaka Polite and the Bengals Offense was on the scoreboard.

21-17 0:43 left in the half.

The Phins offense planned there 3 plays wisely, with 2 time outs remaining they went into a 4 wide formation and ran a hurry up. First play and 5 yard strike after Steve Smith was pushed out of bounds. Then a few run plays hoping to catch the Bengals QB Spy off guard. It was unsuccessful and the Dolphins used their 2nd Time out.

When the two teams retook the field the Bengals lined up with another clear Blitz package, this time Newton gambled and let his TE's fly. It paid off with a 14 yard reception to Fred Davis, which was followed by another Time Out.

With 16 seconds on the clock the Dolphins QB took his drop back and threw to the corner of the field where Wes Welker was trailing out of bounds at the 30 yard line. Tackled short of the boundary the team hustled to spike the ball, and was successful with just a single tick left on the clock.

Perennial fan favorite from all franchises, Kicker David Beuhler took the field to attempt a 50 yard FG to end the half. The snap was clean and the kick was straight and long for 3 points and as the teams jogged to their clubhouses the score sat at



Following all of the craze that ended the first half, the 2nd half began with a slow, methodical drive from the Bengals. Finally utilizing the run the Bengals were able to stretch the field horizontally and gain some yards. Some more unfathomable jump balls continued to keep the chains moving and before you knew it the QTR was nearly over.

CJ Spiller, who was finally starting to produce some dependable yardage had just strained his oblique and sat out a few plays.
At the same time Chad Greenway, the Dolphins starting ROLB was carted off the field and did not return to the game in uniform.

This did not deter either side, and after what seemed like it would be a successful goal line stand, backup HB Steve Slaton would run to the right and around charging Safety Kenny Phillips for 4 yard and an easy score on 3rd and goal.


Determined to retake the lead, the Mighty Dolphins offense began a ground and pound attack. Taking first down after first down away from the Bengals. After crossing midfield The Dolphins lone moved to a spread offense while continuing to run. On a 3rd and 4 and in a 2 WR set Cam Newton read the D and called an audible to pass.

"That was my call, and I wouldn't have changed it now either" Newton was later quoted. Newton spotted Roddy White in single coverage speeding away from his lone defender and let the bullet fly deep. But as he threw he slipped on a banana peel that RG Vernon Carey had been keeping in his back left pocket and the ball flew just 2 feet ahead of the sprinting White.

In the opinion of this football pundit, had it been caught it probably would have been ran in for a TD, there were no safties.

When asked about the banana, Carey, a 10 year veteran with 3 concussions this season had this to say. "I like nanners. FOOTBALL!"

Beuhler took the field again, and again connected on a long FG for the Dolphins, giving them a 3 point lead.

27-24 39 seconds remaining in the 3rd QTR.

It began to feel like whoever had the ball last would win the game as the teams had been exchanging scores and injuries forever.

With the final QTR underway the Bengals continued to connect on long, covered jump balls before former Dolphin Brandon Marshall caught a ball over his shoulder for 40 yards in coverage in the front corner of the endzone, kicking a pylon as he tumbled out of bounds. The very smart and handsome line judge then correctly called the play an incompletion as Marshall had run out of bounds. But the evil and sinister booth reviewer, who was also the man who cancelled Firefly, overturned the call. Marshall, and the Bengals were rewarded the TD and the lead.

31-27 Bengals 5:53 remaining.

Continuing their excellent 2-minute drills from earlier in the contest Miami quickly moved the ball down the field and, but Cam "Butter Fingers" Newton fumbled again, this time though, RG Vernon Carey fell on the ball thinking it was a puppy. The Dolphins young QB would not waste the 2nd chance and on the next play connected with Roddy White dashing across the field, snatching the ball out of the hands of a waiting Taylor Mays and then spinning his way into the endzone while being latched onto by 2 defenders.

34-31 was the score, in favor of the Dolphins with 3:55 remaining in regulation.

The Bengals would not go quiet into the night however, since it was still only about 5:30. A few dashing runs and one giant bomb of a jump ball later and they were in the red zone once again.

"$T%@#$%^$#^" Tony Sparono was heard on the sidelines. "Why can't anybody stand in front of this guy!"

Green would finish the game with more yards receiving than the rest of the team had on offense.

CJ Spiller would walk in with the ball on a 4 yard gainer and the Bengals were leading once again, now with a mere 2:26 remaining.

34-38 Bengals

Not one to play it safe, Sporano sent in the play. The same play they began the game with. An all block, deep bomb to Roddy White, who caught the ball and was tackled at the Bengals 40 yard line. This brought us to the 2 minute warning.

The Dolphins offense, which had felt potent all day was confident and ready to milk. Arian Foster shined as the stellar Bengals run defense

Foster chipped away at the clock with consecutive 7 yard runs until the Dolphins were in the red zone with under a minute to play. Dolphins went into a wide formation and sent a lightning rod into the hands of Steve Smith who was unable to coraal it and the ball fell to the ground, but not before bumping into what felt like the entire Bengals secondary.

On 2nd down Foster was given the ball again, this time purposefully coming up short and forcing the bengals to spend their final Timeout. 3rd and goal at the 2 now, the dolphins mimicked their previous passing play, even going so far as to recreate the motion involved with Steve Smith before handing the ball off to Arian foster who trotted into the endzone untouched for the lead once more.

41-38 with 25 seconds left in regulation.

FLASHBACK: 45 seconds left an the Houston Starboys lead the Washington Katskins by 1 point. 3rd and long with only 10 seconds left on the clock. Katskins QB Ben Rothleisburger drops back and connects with Brandon LaFell who is pushed out of bounds at the 26 yard line. Katskins line up and win the game on a FG as time expires. Starboys playoff journey cut down.

Present Day: The Dolphins, freshly reminded of this poisonous dart were prepared for the sideline bomb. Spread out into deep man zone combinations, there would be no last second heroics if they had any say.

Expecting that same play, Dolphins head coach Tony Sporano personally took the metaphysical form of CB Brandon Hughes and guarded WR AJ Green himself. "It was a crazy experience, took all of my chi-ze wiz"

Despite Greens success at running the sideline route for 1 16 yard completion, hughes stuck to him like glue for the rest of the action, swatting one ball and delaying the route on another long enough for the pass to sail out of bound.

After 2 unsuccessful deep ball heaves that were smacked down, the dolphins Sophomore FS DeAires Justice watched as Brandon Marshall ran deep down the sideline for a pass that would have brought the Bengals within FG range. They both jumped, and despite being a full foot behind Marshall and completely boxed out, Justice who went up with nothing, came down with the ball.

The Dolphins came onto the field in the victory formation and began the celebration for earning a spot in the super towel.

Coach Baily after the game, "Sometimes you give an opponent your best punch, and they come back and win anyway". "I just hope I make a championship game... someday.
Getting a little tired of failing one step away".

For Owner Jeff Solomon, this will be the 2nd trip to the Super Owl, having been defeated by the Browns in Super Owl III. They await to discover who will play for the abandoned Panthers, having been coached by hisself to get them past the Eagles in the WildCard round.

Final score 41-38



Newton : 14/22 1TD 1INT 324 yards
Foster: 109 yards rushing on 19 attempts, 1 TD
White: 195 yards receiving on 5 receptions, 1 TD
Quinn: 1 Forced Fumble, 1 tackle
Beason: 1 INT, 1 TD
Justice: 1 INT
Phillips 6 tackles


Schaub: 17/28 1 TD and 2 INTs, 352 yards
Spiller: 12 attmpets 62 yards, 1 TD
Green: 9 receptions 221 yards, 0 TDs
Marshall: 2 Receptions, 47 yards, 1TD
Maluaga: 1 INT, 4 tackles

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AFC Championship game, Bengals at Dolphins 2012 (s3) Empty Re: AFC Championship game, Bengals at Dolphins 2012 (s3)

Post by kevlarAK on Fri May 18, 2012 9:09 pm

Sounds like it was a good game.

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AFC Championship game, Bengals at Dolphins 2012 (s3) Empty Re: AFC Championship game, Bengals at Dolphins 2012 (s3)

Post by RealJeffSolo on Sat May 19, 2012 2:39 pm

kevlarAK wrote:Sounds like it was a good game.

It was, better than the SuperTowel can possibly be. I regret not even thinking of taping it.

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AFC Championship game, Bengals at Dolphins 2012 (s3) Empty Re: AFC Championship game, Bengals at Dolphins 2012 (s3)

Post by kevlarAK on Sat May 19, 2012 4:29 pm

Who is controlling the NFC, and when is the game going to be played? For the Scarves, we are waiting for Monday's Cowboys @ Seahawks to see who will play the defending champs the Texans.

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AFC Championship game, Bengals at Dolphins 2012 (s3) Empty Re: AFC Championship game, Bengals at Dolphins 2012 (s3)

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