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Wildcard, Wild Ride, Wild Bill Empty Wildcard, Wild Ride, Wild Bill

Post by Judge Shredd on Wed May 09, 2012 5:13 pm

Oakland Ca N.I.

On a sunny afternoon, the Raiders welcomed the Titans who turned into the Oilers before kick off.

Oakland got a 1st down, but then went 3 and out and had to Punt.

3 screen passes in the Titans opening drive was finished with a 13 yard one to Danny Woodhead.

Raiders knew they had to score, and they did when Taiwan Jones went in from 6 yards out.

Titans came right back and there FB took it in from the 1 yard line.

The Raiders next drive ended in disaster though when Matt Ryan was picked. Titans jumped on it and Reggie Wayne caught a slot pass from 16 yards when coverage was blown.

Raiders got the ball back and scored quickly when Darrius Heyward-Bae took in a score from 60 yards out. It still left 1.05 on the clock in the half.

Alot of time for the Titans to march, however on the next series Keith Rivers picked of Kaepernick and DeAngelo Williams took the ball to the goal line on the next play, before Ryan Grant rumbled it in.

Titans got the ball back again and took a knee, Raiders thought it odd and called a TO, but that only pished the Titans off, screen pass to Danny Woodhead took it to the Raiders half, pass over the middle to Heap and they got a FG as time expired to go in 24v21 at the half.

Raiders kicked off and the Titans came storming out again, Danny Woodhead catching a slot over the middle and taking it home when the Safety stepped up to cover the TE.

Raiders now down 31v21, with much cursing from the coach, but soon Roy Williams was all alone down the sideline and Matt Ryan hit him and his old ass legs managed to get him in from 54 yards out. back to 31v28.

Next drive, oh good lord, the Raiders caught a break, Kaepernick was picked again by Rocky McIntosh! Raiders O back on the field, and instead of playing it safe, the Raiders wanted to score fast, and the Titans picked Ryan off on that play. Titans then marched the field, but for once the Raiders got to Kaepernick who was looking for his inside guys to cut, the sack brought the FG unit onto the field, 34v28 Titans.

Raiders got the ball back and knew this would be their last chance to score, taking 4 minutes off the clock, they got to the Titans 48 yard line, and as the clock ticked, they missed out on 3rd and then 4th down, Titans ran the ball to the Raiders 12 before kneeling the game out.

Raiders crumble when the pressure got too much. Titans move onto either BengalSeats or Texans, depending on who wins out between the DBB vs } Pats

Thank you Madden 12, and God Bless my rookies, I will miss Tyrell Coleman and Stephen Cole, it added to much to my final season in 12, having made some mega trades to up my O potential, it was fun with Matt Ryan, Roddy White and various other components.

All the best to the remaining Playoff Contenders.

Raiders out.........
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