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Panthers @ Raiders

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Panthers @ Raiders

Post by Judge Shredd on Wed Mar 28, 2012 3:54 pm

Oakland Ca N.I.

A sunny day on what was known as the Battle of Britain as the Dan Vitale Danthers came to play the Raiders, winning the toss they elected to kick, and came out menacing with a 1-5-5 D. The Raiders held firm and drove the full 80 yards in 6 minutes, mixing passing and good run play, as rookie TE Stephen Cole caught an 8 yard pass from Matt Ryan.

Danthers time with the ball, but it didnt last long as Stephen Tulloch picked Rivers and the Raiders went to the goal line and 'Made In' Taiwan Jones scored from a yard out.

Danthers again came out in a shotgun formation, and got abit further down the field this time, but on a 3rd and long, went deep and Rookie SS Adonis Burchette picked Rivers this time. Raiders again were driving behind some strong running by DeAngelo Williams, but it was a 32 yard scamper by 'Made In' again which took the score to 21v0 with 2.48 left in the half.

Again the Danthers looked to air it out, and got to within the Raiders half, but out of FG range and down by 3 scores, and under 2 minutes left, they went for it, but the pass fell incomplete, Raiders wanted the game over at half time and went for the jugular, and 'Made In' made the game safe scoring from 2 yards out with 10 seconds left at the half.

28v0 at the half, Danthers ball. A drive that ended in a punt, Raiders then took the ball to the goal line, and swapped in 2nd year HB Dewayne Trammel, who got stuffed, fumbled, broke ribs and is now out with dehydration for 2 weeks, as the Danthers D took the ball the full length of the pitch for the TD.

Raiders sensed an onside kick and set up in that formation, the Panthers kicked long, and as Chris Johnston seen an entire Panthers team running fast at him thought the ball would go out the back of the End Zone, but the ball bounced twice and stuck in what must of been the longest driest grass seen on any NFL pitch ever and the Panthers dived on the ball, game was now 28v14. Double back to back scores rattled the Raiders sideline, could this be a come back?

Raiders then took a long drive and kicked a 23 yard FG after getting stuffed in the backfield on 3rd and goal and a holding penalty against them waived.

Rivers was then picked again by Rookie SS Burchette, on a 3rd and long, so it could almost have counted as punt. Needing safe hands on the ball, and trying to run the clock abit, Ryan Grant then broke one free for a 59 yard TD run. Game was totally safe then at 38v14.

Panthers werent done though and came out throwing, Rivers hitting Percy Harvin on a deep streak from 56 yards out, with 2.06 left in the game, Raiders got the ball back but had to punt before the game was up, and Rivers was picked again late by DeMarcus Van Dyke.

Matt Ryan took 1 kneel and it was game over.
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Re: Panthers @ Raiders

Post by amoeBae on Thu Mar 29, 2012 3:11 pm

Wow, looks like all you needed Carl was a legit offense to get some wins! Big matchup coming up in week 8 folks. 6-0 Dick Bae bolts vs 4-2 Raiders of N.I. With the Chefs ownerless, this is your new AFC West rivalry!


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