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Raiders @ Saints

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Raiders @ Saints Empty Raiders @ Saints

Post by Judge Shredd on Sat Mar 24, 2012 7:33 pm

The Raiders came into the Superdome in New Orleans to face their old QB Matt Flynn.

The Saints won the toss and kicked off, a steady drive from the Raiders seen DeAngelo Williams score and then the Saints came marching out, setting up in a shotgun 4 wide set caught the Raiders off guard and Matt Flynn connected right away and the drive was moving. Mark Ingram finished the drive off with a 2 yard Run for the tying score.

Raiders then stuttered and had to punt, the Saints came back out incredibly hot and again Ingram scored, this time on a PA 2 yard pass, taking a 14v7 lead with just over 2 minutes to play.

Matt Ryan then put together a solid drive after misfiring before, this time Taiwan Jones took the ball in from 2 yards out with 12 seconds left in the half.

All tied up at 14 at the half, the Saints were getting the ball back and so far the Raiders D had done nothing to stop them.

The Saints then stuttered and went 3 and out. Raiders got the ball back, again a mix of runs and key passes when needed helped DeAngelo Williams get another score.

Down 21v14 now, the Saints came out again in a 4 wide set, this time however Keith Rivers came up massive, picking and returning it for 6, so within the space of 5 minutes the whole game had turned, with the Raiders being up 28v14.

Saints down 2 scores then had to start moving the ball, and Matt Flynn put da team on his back, running and rolling out passing, but the Saints had to punt after making around 20 yards.

Raiders then put another drive together, and this time Taiwan Jones broke free for an 18 yard TD, putting the Raiders up 35-14.

Saints werent done though and came out fighting again, Matt Flynn still rolling and running, but came unstuck when on a 3rd and long Chimidi Chekwa picked him, Raiders drove down the field, and rookie WR Tyrell Coleman scored on 3rd and goal to make the game safe, 42v14, with just over 2 minutes to play. Saints tried hard, but 2 sacks on the slippery Matt Flynn done them in and the Raiders kneeled the game out.
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