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Raiders @ Bronco's

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Raiders @ Bronco's Empty Raiders @ Bronco's

Post by Judge Shredd on Tue Mar 20, 2012 7:31 am

Mile High, not in Amsterdam or Scandavia

The Raiders came into Broncoland needing a win to stay in touch with a tough division.

Having lost to the Broncos in week 1 and Chiefs in week 2, being 0-2 in a competitive division was never going to be easy, and they needed a win from somewhere.

It all started well enough winning the toss, then the game reset, and the Raiders lost the toss, the Broncos kicked off then, Raiders came out and tried to get a game going, but ended up having to punt. The Broncos being subbed for from Alaska then had a long ass drive into the Raiders half, but got stalled and took a 3v0 lead with a Prater 46 yard field goal.

Raiders then put a drive of their own together capped off with Roddy White going in from 14 yards out.

Bronco's then had a 6 minute drive finish off with another Prater FG from 28 yards out.

2nd half started with the Raiders kicking off, and immediately Big Ben came out with another 6 minute drive with rookie Terik Etuk scoring from 4 yards out. The 2 pt conversion failed and the Broncos were up 12v7.

Raiders stalled, and had to punt and the Weems returned for 25 yards bringing the Broncos into the Raider half, the Bronco's showed no mercy and Vernon Davis scored on a 28 yard pass from Big Benjo, still wearing Elway's 7; and they took the kick making it 19v7.

Raiders then went got a first before going 3 and out and having to punt. Weems feeling good after his 25 yard return went to try and snake round the Raiders again, but Mike Jenkins on coverage put in a big hit and the ball was spilled, FA pick up Bryan Kehl then picked up the ball and rumbled in from 25 yards out. Raiders took the kick and were back in the game at 19v14, with 4 minutes left
in the game.

The Raiders then forced the Bronco's to punt leaving 2 and half minutes in the game. Matt Ryan, who was sacked 8 times in the game, 5 by Elvis Dumervil; then found a wide open Darrius Heyward-Bae down the middle of the field, and he took it to the house on a 78 yard TD. Raiders leading 20v19 then went for 2 and missed as as Von Miller tipped the ball. Broncos ball back with 2.17 to play, down by a point. Big Ben then found an even more wide open Terik Etuk over the middle and he took it home from 48 yards out after running right across the field, not knowing to go in, go down or go out of bounds which would of stopped the clock.

He went in and the 2 pt conversion failed, 1.32 left, Broncos leading 25v20.

Raiders got the ball back and got a first down, and moved the chains, looking for a key passing play Matt Ryan got dumped on his butt again, Raiders called a TimeOut, 3rd down and long, 5 targets to aim for, sure hands of Tyrell Coleman was covered tight, Roddy White was streaking but it was tight, Stephen Cole was double covered on an out, Taiwan Jones was covered coming out of the backfield, but wait, Darrius Heyward-Bae is wide open again........ down the middle......... will he catch it, he does..... he's running strong, with break away from the cops speed, and he takes a 71 yard TD.

Raiders up 26v25 try for the 2 and get it, but there is a holding penalty, they take the kick and kick off, but wait new signing Stephen Tulloch puts the hit on and the Raiders recover on the Bronco's 25 yard line, they start to take knees, but the Bronco's keep calling their Time Outs, so they kick a FG to go up 30v25 and kick off once more, but the Broncos cant return it for a TD.

Raiders move to 2-2 and Broncos drop to 1-3.

Big Ben was 15/24 for 303 yards, 2 TD's and 3 picks
Matt Ryan was 15/23 for 323 yards 3 TD's and a pick


Terik Etuk 6 for 143 yards and 2 TD's
DHB 2 for 149 yards and 2 TD's

I cant really remember were the picks came from and Raiders new signing Roy Helu fumbled too in the game when the Bronco's were leading, were they all fit in is beyond me now.
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