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Raiders Win and Trade Announcement

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Raiders Win and Trade Announcement

Post by Judge Shredd on Thu Mar 15, 2012 8:17 pm

Oakland Ca NI

The Raiders finally got their season underway with a win at home vs the Browns. It was a rematch of week 1 of last season and from the early part of Season 1.

Cleveland came in and won the toss and decided to take the ball, however their opening drive stalled on a Shredrick Carnes pick on 3rd down, giving the Raiders good opening field position. The drive was finished off on a 14 yard pass to Terrence Toliver, who was starting for the injured Roy Williams.

The Browns came out of the blocks firing then, as Peyton Hillis tore through the Raiders, however Colt McCoy was picked again, and the Raiders slowly drove down the field, only for Matt Ryan to get picked inside the 20. The next play Hillis tore one wide open, going 81 yards for the tying score as he bounced off Raiders and streaked down the sideline.

The Raiders then went 3 and out and got a horrible call on them with the punt, a late fair catch signal couldnt help the CB but run past the returner and get called on touching his waving hand. A few plays later and Hillis ran in from 33 yards out, carrying Raiders on his back.

The Raiders were 14v7 down with a minute left to play in the half.

Matt Ryan hit TE Stephen Cole on the next play and he took it to the house from 80 yards out, tying the score with under a minute in the half.

The Browns looking to get back before the half ended were picked again, this time by Tyvon Branch who run the ball back to around the 15 yard line, from there, a few plays later Taiwan Jones run in from 8 yards out to take the score to 21v14 at the half.
The Raiders took the kick off and put together a 4 minute drive, but the drive stalled and they had to settle for a 45 yard Jank FG.

The Browns kept fighting hard, and Hillis kept running over people and taking numbers.

Chimdi Chekwa picked McCoy again and the Raiders drove to the goaline and TE Stephen Cole got his 2nd TD of the game to make the game 31v14 heading into the final quarter.

Browns again drove hard and were unlucky on a 4th down from the Raiders 23 yard line, the Raiders then took over the ball and just kept the clock moving to end the game.

Key Stats

Hillis 23 carries for 197 yards and 2 TD's
Run DMC 14 carries for 144 yards
DeAngelo Williams 4 for 25Ryan Grant 7 for 30

Stephen Cole 3 catches for 103 yards and 2 TD's
Tyrell Coleman 4 catches for 40 yards

In other news, the Raiders signed WR Roddy White from the Atlanta "Cap constrained" Falcons for TE Jeremy Shockey, WR's Louis Murphy and Denaurius Moore and LOLB Victor So'oto

Coach Ward explained all in the press conference. "I heard a rumour White was on the trade block, and they needed players to hit the league minimum, so I had a look around my locker room and came up with an offer, and it's came off, I hate to see Denaurius go as he is a great young player, and Murphy is a great run blocking WR who has just enough speed to burn guys, Victor and Jeremy I never got to know as they only ever stayed in the Winnebago at the training centre, they never even got time to get a home. Matt Ryan really wanted the deal to come through, he knows Roddy and hopefully they will hook up again as well as they did in Atlanta, it will also take away some of the pressure on the Rookies Tyrell Coleman and Stephen Cole."
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