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Super holla holla block busta monsta monsta trade

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Super holla holla block busta monsta monsta trade Empty Super holla holla block busta monsta monsta trade

Post by Judge Shredd on Wed Feb 29, 2012 4:06 pm

Oakland CA. N.I.

Scarf Raiders called a massive press conference today to announce a SUPERBLOCKBUSTAMONSTAMONSTA trade.

Coach Ward began by explaining. I tried everything last year to get some sort of QB system working, it was heart breaking at times, and what's the point in having Jacoby Ford and other speed merchants on your team when you cant throw them the ball.

So after walking in with a throw over his head, just so they could unveil him, QB Matt Ryan blinked and was almost blinded as the flash bulbs went off once the throw came off.

That was not the only player who came off the plane from Dallas, alongside Matt Ryan came all pro LG Carl Nicks and CB Mike Jenkins.

Coach went on to explain it all, I have played 2 seasons with an almost identical team bar QB, and I want to mix it up now. So I had to give to get, and am now really looking forward to the season kicking off, as it always seems to do, vs The LA Bronx's.

So leaving the organization today are :

Stanford Routt (CB)
Shawntae Spencer (CB)
Stefan Winskewski (I can never spell it properly and that's the main reason I went for Nick; LG)
David Ausberry (TE)
Lamarr 'dont call me Whitney' (too soon?) Houston (LE)

and the 1st and 2nd Round picks of the 2014 draft, (that's the end of next season)

I have gambled alot regarding the future for some short term game, I love the draft, but really the sheer amount of research I have tried to put into this draft has done my head in, and I will just pick up someone in the 3rd possibly who can wash the showers out after practice for all I care, this team wants to change, we dont want to just hand it off to Run DMC, we want to move forward, and it begins here today, practice starts tomorrow at 6am, or 1am tonight if I manage to stay up late.
Also went leaving the press conference Coach Ward also added his Trading Block, hit me up he shouted as he jumped in the golf kart and heading off.

Run DMC (HB)
Jacoby Ford (WR)
Kameron Wimberly (ROLB)
Michael Huff (FS)

Other players will be looked at of course, but these guys can be had, for not alot if you enquire, buy 2 get 1 free are possible!
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