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Raiders lose to Jets... in OT

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Raiders lose to Jets... in OT

Post by Judge Shredd on Fri Jan 20, 2012 2:57 am

The Raiders have lost their latest game, 27v24 to the Jets in OT, the first time the Raiders have been to OT and suspect the last time the coach wants to see OT again.

Feeling confident getting the ball in the OT, the Raiders thought they would go to the air, only for some Leaping LB Goff to pull down the ball, Jets then went for it on 4th down from the 47 yard line and Santanio 'Catch Anything, Anywhere, Anytime, Any place' Holmes came down with it at the 27 and it was FG time.

It had been a very even game all given, the Jets got on the board first after a scoreless first quarter. They had just punted to the Raiders 2 yard line, and Marcel Reece went up the gut for a few yards, RB TAPPED DA FUCK IN! And he still spilled the ball, and the Jets had 1st and goal from the 2. 2 plays later they converted. Raiders then went 3 and out, before the Jets got on the score board again with a streak to Santanio 'See above for nickname' Holmes. Down 14v0 the game looked like getting away from the Raiders before the half. Fortunately Run DMC stepped up and took a pass to the house, making it 14v7, the Jets then scored before the half was out to make it 21v7, I cant remember who scored this, and would prefer not to, cause I'm sure they was a busted coverage somewhere in there, along with a catch over the middle.

2nd half started with the Raiders getting the ball back, a long drive resulted in 'Made in' Taiwan Jones going in from the 7 yard line. Then the Raiders forced a 3 and out by the Jets, and then Run DMC busted loose taking the ball around 90 for the tying TD (not totally sure if it was as long as that, but it was bucking long) The Raiders D then got fired up and picked of Mark 'The Sanchise' Sanchez, they managed to get just enough yards to take the lead on a 41 yard FG. Leading 24v21 for the first time. Raiders forced another punt from the Jets, but it was a deep punt to the 8 yard line, the Raiders tried to run the ball and the clock to get out of somewhere, but with 1.56 left and 2 TO's the Jets got a FG of their own to take the game to OT.

The Raiders now fall to 2-6 and look to the upcoming draft for talent. Up next a division leading Bronco's, fired up after stuffing division rivals the Chiefs.
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