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Chargers @ Bills recap with video

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Chargers @ Bills recap with video

Post by amoeBae on Wed Dec 21, 2011 12:42 am

The Bills and Chargers opened their seasons against each other in Buffalo yesterday. Here's the recap video of the game: https://youtu.be/AB_jqPoPYQM It's like the other one I posted, cut to just the plays and just over 17 minutes to watch.

No real recap write-up here, that's what the video is for but some notes about the game, San Diego performed well under their new coach Carl Weathers (@CoachWeathers), their rookies looked promising. DT(d) 1st rounder Stephon McConico gave Jay Cutler hell all game including 2 sacks and several pressures forcing bad passes. The "rumble young man rumble" play of the game went to 3rd rounder Trevor "The Big" Lewandowski with a 72 yard juke-and-run for a touchdown. It was also nice to see LT back in a Chargers uniform (they're rocking the old school royal blue and gold all season) and he even had a nice TD run himself. As predicted by GM Bae during the draft, SS Bob "colonel" Sanders fell to an injury this game and will be out for three weeks with a broken thumb. Steve Gregory and rookie Dareyon "Hollywood" Hogan will be ready to fill in.

Most importantly though. Benedict, I had a lot of fun playing our match. The game came down to the wire and you had me really worried. Especially after subbing for the Vikes right before our match where I thought I had made a 3-score deficit comeback only to get Tebowed in the final seconds. I thought the same was about to happen to my game.

Next 2 games may not have a video replay unfortunately as I'll be out of the house for Christmas and New Years, unless we have some more delays. But hopefully rest of the season I'll be able to have a replay or at least highlights up after each game. Probably won't be able to do a live stream as my bandwidth is barely 1 Mbps. Hope everyone enjoys these.


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