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13-3 Season 1 Week 14 Betting lines brought to you by the Sugar House River Boat Casino

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13-3 Season 1 Week 14 Betting lines  brought to you by the Sugar House River Boat Casino Empty 13-3 Season 1 Week 14 Betting lines brought to you by the Sugar House River Boat Casino

Post by RealJeffSolo on Thu Nov 10, 2011 6:29 am

Battle of the Beasts*
Race to Extinction*
Man vs Machine*

Browns (5-7) vs Steelers (9-3)

The Browns have gone through an ownership change and it is debatable if their record supports the change. The Steelers suffered their first loss recently but it was to one of the top ranked teams in the league.

Prediction: Steelers
Right: Steelers

Falcons (1-11) Panthers (7-5)

Panthers are in the hunt for a playoff spot. Falcons are in the hunt for the 1st pick in the draft. Look for this one to get ugly.

Prediction: Panthers

Vikings (5-7) vs Lions (7-5)

Vikings are a surprise from week to week, going up and down from blowout to blow out in every direction. Their unpredictability makes them a gamble, and their QB roundtable does not help.

Prediction: Lions
Right: Lions

Raiders (5-7) vs Packers (7-5)

Raiders are a tough opponent and only a fool would consider them a push over on the schedule. They have climbed up from a terrible start and in another division may have been a playoff contender. The Packers are in a similar situation, having climbed out from out of the gutter. Both teams have lost their starting QBs however, and the Packers prepaired while the Raiders sold a supplemental draft pick for an Ohio State alum. Matt Flynn gives the Pack the edge.

Prediction: Packers
Right: Packers

Buccaneers (9-3) vs Jags (9-3)

The buccaneers run a very consistent offense with Mike Williams in the slot, TEs and runs up the middle. The Jags are smart enough to counter and have a potent running back of their own.

Prediction: Jaguars
Right: Jags

Eagles (10-2) vs Dolphins (8-4)

The Dolphins boast that they can not be stopped on the run. The Eagles will put that claim to the test running against a front four with OVRLs of 93, 91, 86, and 90. The Eagles are coming off a crushing loss (43-14) to another run heavy team in the Seahawks. The Eagles have the lowest run attempts per game in the league, meaning they love to pass, and finding pass success has become harder in M12. The Dolphins have 3 pro bowl CBs if current fan voting holds and are ready to match up. The Dolphins, former Cowboys owner, has lost most of the most recent matchups.
Expect this one to be close, they always are.

Prediction: Dolphins
Right: Dolphins

Patriots (4-Cool vs Redskins (3-9)

Game has already been played, but I was going to predict it to end in the same result.
Call me 1 for 1.

Prediction: Patriots
Right: Pats

Saints (5-7) vs Titans (5-7)

The Titans just simmed a game because they could not be found. Calling that an extra bye to be kind I would think they will not be prepaired for the Saints this week much like the Chiefs in real life were unprepared for the Dolphins. On the other hand, they may continue to be AWOL and this game could be CPU.

Prediction: Saints
Wrong: Titans

Colts (3-9) vs Ravens (Spokane Terror 6-6)

The Colts are putting up good numbers every week but are also setting a single season record for throwing INTs. The terror are hoping for a collapse from the Broncos or Dolphins so that they can catch up and steal a playoff spot. Expect them to do their job, but Terror fans should not expect any gifts from the Broncos or Phins.

Prediction: Terravens
Right: Ravens

Chiefs (10-2) vs Jets (10-2)

Chiefs love to play as the under dog, and the Jets do have the top HB in the league in Shonne Greene. However despite the Chiefs "meh" run D, I am predicting the Chiefs Jamal Charles embarrasses Shonne Greene and his rushing titles. Look for the speedier HB to make the difference.

Prediction: Chefs
Right: Chiefs

Texans (6-5) vs Bengals (6-6)

The Texans have yet to truly find their run game and have begun experimenting with TJ Yates at QB. The Bengals started off the season strong, (3-1) but have struggled since. Expect a close match but the Texans comittment issues at QB to sway the odds in the Bengals favor.

Prediction: Bengals
Wrong: Texans

49ers (5-7) vs Cardinals (5-7)

The 49ers have set a franchise record for wins this season despite losing All Pro TE Vernon Davis for life and having not yet even finished the season. They have already taken one from AZ and now the Cards lack starting QB Kevin Kolb as well. The Cards had a bright start but never developed a defensive presence. Their games are usually offensive shoot outs.

Prediction: 49ers
Right: 49ers

Bears (8-4) vs Broncos (8-4)

Many would consider the Bears 8-4 record to be a stumble, but this wise old timer knows better. The Bear has just been playing with its prey. Poking the fence and looking for weakness. The Broncos are more Buck than stampede. The Ravens should watch this one closely.

Prediction: Bears
Right: Bears

Bilss (4-Cool vs Chargers (1-11)

The Bills are coming off a sim loss and are sure to be none happy about it. Expect them to take out their frustrations on the hapless Chargers. The phrase better luck next year comes to mind.

Prediction: Bills
Right: Bills

Giants (4-Cool vs Cowboys (4-9)

The Cowboys terrible record is surely influenced by the Gods. They love to blitz and the Giants hate to be Blitzed. Giving this one to the under dog.

Prediction: Cowboys
Right: Cowboys

Rams (4-Cool vs Seahawks (9-3)

The Seahawks are riding high after witnessing the Eagles meltdown in front of them. Look for them to bring that confidence into this matchup and run circles around the Rams.

Prediction: Seahawks
Wrong: Rams

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13-3 Season 1 Week 14 Betting lines  brought to you by the Sugar House River Boat Casino Empty Re: 13-3 Season 1 Week 14 Betting lines brought to you by the Sugar House River Boat Casino

Post by jaxjags on Wed Nov 16, 2011 3:10 pm

13-3 Season 1 Week 14 Betting lines  brought to you by the Sugar House River Boat Casino Jags

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