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Patriots win, Raiders Just lose, Baby.

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Patriots win, Raiders Just lose, Baby.

Post by Judge Shredd on Sat Oct 08, 2011 9:46 pm

After the Raiders jumped to a 10 v 0 lead, the Pats finally got their act together and came back with 23 unanswered points as the Pats D got mean and Tom Brady got angry.

The Raiders took the opening drive into Patriots territory and then Darren McFadden scampered 43 yards for the score, the next drive by the Patriots saw Tom Brady picked by LB Quentin Groves, the Pat D held big and the Raiders had to settle for a 25 yard FG. All that seemed to do was make Coach and Owner Greg Food go through his team like a dose of salts and the Patriots O went into hurry up mode and scored on a pass to Wes Welker into the end zone after making a drive of 50 odd yards.

The Raiders were forced to punt on their next 2 possessions and the Patriots scored FG's on both successive drives, heading into halftime leading 13v10 and receiving the 2nd half kick. Which they promptly drove down the field mixing up with passes and strong running from recently acquired HB Chris Johnston coming off a big game of 18 carries for 117 yards and a TD.

Raiders were picked off on their next possession which the Patriots then scored another FG from, following the kick off, Terrelle Pryor was once againt thrown into the game, and he threw a pick with his first pass, the game then came to end with the Patriots taking a knee on the Raiders 30 yard line.

After the game it was discovered it went so bad, that previous owner Al Davis had passed away, no doubt the 1-3 start for his beloved Raiders had not helped his health any at all. Raiders Waterboy / coach said he would dedicate his next win to Al Davis, and on past history; Al could well be spinning in his coffin / casket/ burial plot before the Raiders actually manage to win again!
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