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WEEK 2: Dolphins top Texans, Once Again in Ponchos

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WEEK 2: Dolphins top Texans, Once Again in Ponchos

Post by cmonks on Sat Oct 01, 2011 6:16 pm

The Dolphins hosted another wash out at Joe Robbie Sun Shark Land Life Orange Stadium and came away with a 38-3 victory.

The Texans dominated the 1st quarter by methodically moving down the field in a drive that lasted over seven minutes. But they had to settle for a field goal after the home team stopped them three times from inside the 10-yard line. That swung the momentum and resulted in the Dolphins scoring three 2nd-quarter touchdowns (Charles rushing TD, Baldwin TD catch, and a Charles TD catch) and that was pretty much the game.

Said Dolphins owner Cmonks after game, "Glad I got the win, but I felt like a loser not having a working headset. The Texans' owner [Thelonious Funk] chatted from time to time during the contest and I felt like I was perpetually leaving him hanging. Then when he began to beg for a concede button, it got a little awkward. Wish my son hadn't driven over my headset with an office chair."


David Garrard: 8-11, 116 yards passing and 2 TDs
Jamaal (Cmonks' Binky) Charles: 15 carries, 140 yards

Matt Schaub: 10-23, 86 yards, 3 INTs
Arian Foster: 11 carries, 36 yards.
Team: 100 yards total offense.

In week 3, the Dolphins head to Cleveland with their flippers crossed for fair weather, while the Texans will look to regroup on Bourbon St. against the Saints.


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