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Megatron, Charles, It's the Lions and the Chiefs

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Megatron, Charles, It's the Lions and the Chiefs Empty Megatron, Charles, It's the Lions and the Chiefs

Post by Dascenzo on Fri Sep 30, 2011 2:22 am

The Lions march down the field and Matt Stafford finally hooks up with Calvin "Charles Rogers in college" Johnson for his first touchdown of the season. Almost immediately Jamaal Charles breaks free for 74 yards and the game is tied. The Lions kick two field goals and go into the half up 13-7 but still legitimately scared of Jamaal Charles "In Charge." For some reason the Chiefs have decided not to run the ball with him. So after another interception from Matt "Asshole" Cassel, GOLDEN TATE scores the deciding touchdown (which I posted on my actual twitter @dascenzo, instead of my 4thString twitter @Lions4sl, and brought up a fun Golden Tate and Jimmy Clausen should have stayed at ND discussion). The Lions decided playing a safe, bend but don't break strategy was the right play here, on defense and ON OFFENSE. Tony Moeaki would score with 2:26 left, the Chiefs kicked the ball deep, got a stop but then Bobby Carpenter recovered a fumble with the Chiefs inside the 20 yard line. GAME OVER. FLIP. FLIP. FLIP. Lions hold on 20-14. Brandon Pettigrew and Justin "Upton" Durant are out for multiple weeks with random, stupid injuries, one of which is a broken collarbone.

Stafford 12-20 208 2
Best 19-51
TATE 3-85 1
Megatron 4-68 1
Pettigrew 3-52

Cassel 16-30 166 1 3
Charles 9-121 1
"Somewhere Over" Dwayne Bowe 4-42
Tony Moeaki 3-51 1
Charles 5-28

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