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WEEK 1 RECAP: Dolphins/Pats Renew Rivalry, in Ponchos

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WEEK 1 RECAP: Dolphins/Pats Renew Rivalry, in Ponchos

Post by cmonks on Mon Sep 26, 2011 9:15 am

The Miami Dolphins opened their season with a key divisional win over their arch rivals, the New England Patriots, 20-17.

To the surprise of no one who has used the Dolphins in Madden 12, the game was played in the soaking rain in Joe Robbie Sun Life Land Shark Pro Player Orange Bowl Stadium. Both owners lamented over the weather during their post-game handshake.

"I hate the rain," Dolphins' owner CMonks said.

"I hate the rain, too," Pats' owner Greg Food replied.

Fortunately, the weather didn't have much of an effect on the outcome, as only one turnover occurred -- a Jamaal Charles 3rd-quarter fumble. At the time the Dolphins were up 17-7 and driving for another score, but Charles (who otherwise was flawless during his nearly 250-all-purpose-yard-2-TD performance) decided to jump for an extra yard just as Jerod Mayo lowered the Miracle Whip on him, knocking the ball free.

The turnover shifted momentum as the Pats scored a TD and added a field goal to tie the game with just under 5 minutes to play. It was then that Dolphins returned to their binky (Charles) and drove down the field with running play after running play, which resulted in a Dan "RIP Karen" Carpenter game-winning field goal with just seconds to play.

"It's a relief to get this win," said CMonks, adding, "I might even write a recap for it, which I rarely do, because writing funny recaps reminds me too much of work, and in the end they are never as funny as I first thought they were when I wrote them."

The Patriots host the Bae Bolts next week, while the Dolphins face the Super Owl Champion Texans of Houston (formerly of Milwaukee).


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