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Same Old Lions

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Same Old Lions Empty Same Old Lions

Post by Dascenzo on Fri Sep 23, 2011 12:38 am

Lions blunder away a game that was ripe for the picking. Neither team played exceptionally well on offense. Both QB's had terrible ratings, Blount rumbled all over the place for 80+ yards, Jahvid had more yards than I though and I got out of the running game way too soon. Matt Stafford was harassed like he was Anita Hill and somehow didn't get injured.

The 44 rated Ryan Donahue was maybe the Lions best player as he put two punts inside the ten. But the Lions relied on their defense one too many times as they punted early in the play clock even though the game clock would have ticked under 1 minute to play if they waited it out. The Buccaneers converted two third and longs (going to a booth review on the second one, a 3rd and 20 conversion) then hit a deep pass with 21 seconds remaining and no timeouts left. The Lions called time out thinking the Bucs would try to run a couple more offensive plays and maybe turn the ball over. But the Bucs pulled the old switcheroo and just kicked a field goal to win the game.

Josh Freeman - 48.2 15 27 55.6 199 13.3 0 2
Blount - 18 85 4.7 1
Mike Williams - 5-80
Gerald McCory - 5 tck 4 sacks
Adrian Clayborn - 2 sacks and FF

Matt Stafford - 68.9 12 22 54.5 133 11.1 1
Best - 8 53 6.6
Burleson - 4 57 14.3 1
Johnson - 5 57 11.4
Delmas - 3 tckl 2 int
Dominic Raiola got a FF after a pick. That TB recovered.

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