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So this isn't a valid strategy?

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So this isn't a valid strategy?  Empty Re: So this isn't a valid strategy?

Post by amoeBae on Thu Sep 15, 2011 5:23 pm

This is the product of a baseball coach going into football, thinking its all about the statistics... haha. Reality though is this strategy is successful more because of the age than the actual game plan I think. It's high school ball, he's exploiting that these teams probably don't practice against this unusual style of play. And since they are young players, their experience is little and emotions will get the best of them easily and that's how you'll get onside after onside recovered. So really, this coach is just exploiting the teams inexperience with unconventional play.

Does it work? Yes. Is it Jackdouchery? Maaaaybe, but it's high school football so I guess a coach will do anything to get his name out there to move up. Would it work in the NFL or even at a college level? Maybe, but take the Pats vs Phins 2008 wildcat trouncing. It worked for that game since the defense was caught off guard and couldn't come up with a solution on the spot. But since it's a professional sport, you have coaches working with their players every dayto figure out how to stop a play and after a few weeks the Dolphins weren't as successful with the wildcat anymore.

Guess I'm rambling to my point that fundamentals at the highest level of sports is what wins games, not jackass trickery. That said, what he is doing I don't think is wrong. In Arkansas, like many of the southern states, football is big and finding success with such a small pool of students is incredible. It's also smart to not bother with kickers at that age since it's difficult. I do like that he's not just doing a standard onside, but trying to innovate special teams play. Imagine having a whole playbook on just special teams, brilliant I think for a part of the game that seems overlooked at times but is so important to the game.


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