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Lions and Bears Dog Fight

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Lions and Bears Dog Fight

Post by Dascenzo on Mon Aug 15, 2011 12:14 pm

After having no idea when he would get to an internet connection and requiring a sub to play his Ravens game to make sure the week advanced, the Lions owner actually played the Bears the same day.

With Josh Freeman still hurt and Martwon "INT Machine" Baldwin out for 7 weeks led to some depth chart change-ups. The Snow Leopard made his first appearance in weeks to help shore up the Devin Hester defence (Canadian spelling).

The Lions fumbled the opening kickoff and the Bears quickly put a seven spot on the board with Politte scoring on a 3 yard pass from Cutler. The Lions eventually answered with Darius "Say" Heyward-Bey going 58 yards down the middle of the field from Brian Hoyer to close the 1st quarter.

The second quarter basically started with Devin Hester busting loose for an 81 yard touchdown from Cutler and the teams exchanged field goals to make the score 17-10 at the half.

There would be no scoring in the 3rd quarter.

Polite scored on a maddening 27 yard run where he seemed to shed 32 different would be tacklers to score. Making the score 24-10. Brian Hoyer moved the Lions quickly down the field and got Calvin Johnson a touchdown from 33 yards out with 6:16 still to play and cutting the lead to 7. The Lion defense held and forced a punt and a drive to try to tie would begin. On a fourth down from inside the 15 the Lions spread the field with 5 wide and Bernard Berrian broke open but Brian Hoyer's pass was not accurate in anyway and a turnover on downs occurred. The Bears then insisted on passing the ball, and Lions blitzes forced a sack and an incompletion, before finally forcing a flutterball directly to Dorian Hill who intercepted the pass and scored a touchdown to tie the game with 1:41 left. The Bears got the ball back, but were forced to punt again. Brian Hoyer found Calvin Johnson down the sideline to put the Lions in field goal range and then successfully ran the clock out completely as Rantis made a 30 yard field goal to win the game.

Lions 27 - Bears 24.

Hoyer 13-22 325 2-1
Troy Smith 1-3 48

Cutler 23 -35 302 2-2

Thomas 5-15
Brown 3-10

Polite 3-34
Forte 8-25

Johnson 5-209 1
Berrian 4-65
Heyward-Bey 1-58 1
Brown 2-26

Hester 5-137 1
Olsen 6-76
Forte 7-32
Knox 2-38


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Re: Lions and Bears Dog Fight

Post by Judge Shredd on Mon Aug 15, 2011 12:29 pm

Cheers Brian, this would of been a match to watch I suspect, two big times crushing heads.
Judge Shredd
Judge Shredd

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Re: Lions and Bears Dog Fight

Post by thegaradactyl on Mon Aug 15, 2011 12:36 pm

Nice game Brian! Once again, I apologize about the loss to the Ravens.

As for Baldwin, He intercepted the ball, dodged in and out of Ravens players, made it the the 5 got tackled, hurt, and fumbled all in the same play. See you in a couple of weeks Brian.


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Re: Lions and Bears Dog Fight

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