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Lions lose their bite without Freeman

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Lions lose their bite without Freeman

Post by Judge Shredd on Sat Aug 13, 2011 8:43 pm

With Josh Freeman out injured and their head coach hitting the bottle* over his injured star QB, The Ravens were ready to sim this game, but up stepped the Garadactyl to make the game happen.

It didnt start well for the travelling Ravens as they flew into the Lions Den, the opening kick off was fumbled inside their own 20 and the Lions recovered, 4 plays and 11 seconds later they took 3 points back with them they didnt expect to get so quickly. Next drive the Ravens were intercepted, inside their own half, again the D held strong on 3rd down and the Lions settled with another 3 points. 6 points up and their defence had hardly been on the field, neither had the Offence. The Lions fans were singing loudly.

Finally on the Ravens 3rd possession they managed to get some movement and kept the ball to themselves too, winding out the end of the 1st Quarter.

Start of the 2nd and Matt Schaub hit Brandon Marshall for a 46 yard TD as he simply out ran the Lions Secondary. The Lions got the ball back and once again moved down the field, only to face a tough Ravens D again who held them to another field goal which put them up 9v7. The Ravens got the ball back, but this time Best coughed the ball up around the half way line, moving into Field Goal range the Ravens D once again held tough, with the clock still running, the Ravens called a TO, which would leave them over a minute when they got the ball back. Fortunately for the Ravens, this time the kick was wide left, and they got the ball back at the 41 yard line with 1m17sec left on the clock. Looking to get into FG range themselves, the Ravens actually got further than they ever thought and hit TJ Houshmandzadeh for the go ahead score, going into half time 14v9 up.

Lions came out and recieved the kick off, it was one play for A. Smith to hit Calvin Johnston for a 69 yard TD, and he blitzed past the Ravens secondary. Putting the Lions up 16v14. Ravens got the ball back, and facing a long 3rd down, Matt Schaub was picked off again, running back inside the 10 the Lions CB coughed up the rock, the Ravens recovered on their onw 8. It wasnt long before the Ravens had to punt, giving the ball back to the Lions. Who in turn started handing the ball off to Pierre Thomas, he rumbled for over 100 yards in this game, showing a turn of speed he hadnt in about 4 years. The Lions drove down for a First and Goal from the five after a Calvin Johnston one handed grab on a 3rd down, luckily the CB managed to grab his coat tails before he could turn up field. 3 MASSIVE plays by the front 4 on the Ravens D managed to push the Lions back to the 9 and they had to settle for a FG to extend their lead to 19v14.

There was under 3 minutes on the clock when the Ravens run the ball back to their 28. After another Delay of Game penatly and a sack the Ravens faced a 3rd and 22, it was converted to TJ Hous. A slow steady drive then got the Ravens into the Lions half with the clock rolling, with a FG not going to be enough, they knew they had to score a TD and manage the clock too. The Lions knew if the Ravens did score, they would need time to at least get into FG range again too, with that, they called all their Time Outs as the Ravens slowly moved the ball, hitting Brandon Marshall who was tackled at the five. 1st and Goal for the Ravens at the 5, the first play was run which was stuffed in the backfield, TO called by the Ravens, 28 seconds left, 2nd and Goal, pass, defended by the Lions FS, clock was now at 24 seconds, 3rd and Goal, in pure sh!t or bust, Brandon Marshall came up with a shoelace catch for the go ahead score, booth reviewed and the score stood, PAT made it 21v19, with 22 seconds left, the Lions got the long kick and run it back to the 21, 3 failed passes left a 4th and 10, which was converted to Calvin Johnston again, as the Lions run for the snap the clock run out and the Ravens got their 2nd W of the season.

The Ravens owner Carl Ward, who in the past week became the teams new Waterboy was thrilled, he exclaimed it must of been the crystal clear H2O that he had chilled to 2oC for the team that made the difference, though we all know if Josh Freeman had not been injured that alot more passes would of been completed by the Lions and they probably wouldnt of had to settle for so many FG's.

It was a crazy game for fumbles, the Ravens were -4 for turnovers in the game and still managed to get a win, colour me shocked.

Final : Ravens 21 v 19 Lions

Thanks Gary for subbing in, and Brian, he played his heart out as if they were his team, there was a couple of key injuries on D too which got me a little more breathing space.

* May or may not be true.
Judge Shredd
Judge Shredd

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Re: Lions lose their bite without Freeman

Post by danvitale on Sun Aug 14, 2011 6:58 am

Good job Carl!!

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Re: Lions lose their bite without Freeman

Post by thegaradactyl on Mon Aug 15, 2011 1:36 pm

YES! Great job Carl! You played a great game indeed. Is Beanie Wells injured? I know when I played you as my Browns he was tearing it up with his 203 break tackle rating.

If i was you, Id use Best and Wells as a 1-2 punch. Wells running inside wearing down the d-line/Linebackers and Best running outside. As well as mixing some play action (tough to do in Madden, it seems like there's always a defender in your face by the time you're able to get the ball off). If you want we can practice against each other. Babyseat and I did that. It helped us both become better all around players. Just let me know.

Once again, Great game Carl. Good luck on the remainder of the season.


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Re: Lions lose their bite without Freeman

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