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Mass Offense: Texans/Bengals Trade

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Mass Offense: Texans/Bengals Trade Empty Mass Offense: Texans/Bengals Trade

Post by mikesuszek on Fri Jun 24, 2011 7:38 pm

"He turned on us," muttered Texans WR Andre Johnson.
"He's not fun anymore. He's anti-alien," spoke Matt Cassel, Texans QB.
"He'll take anyone and everyone out to get to the top. That's not what I - - What WE'RE about," added star CB Cortland Finnegan.
"We need to be on a team run by someone that's fierce, not cowardly," CB Nnamdi Asomugha added, sternly. "I don't care how tough our division is, I refuse to play for that monster."

Faced with a multitude of tough decisions, Mike "The Illusive Man" Suszek sat back in his chair, carelessly stirring his scotch, running his finger along the rim of his glass, then cradling it in one hand while removing his cigarette from his mouth (note: I don't smoke, I'm just building character).

"It's for the good of our species," he reassured himself. "Someone has to play bad cop. Even if it means losing your whole squad."

His plant at the Ascension Project didn't turn up the results he wanted. Bones, his first year halfback and a supposedly gifted biotic, could only muster a single overall point increase in the off-season. Someone wasn't pulling their weight. He sipped his scotch, looking out over the nameless star his space station orbited. He knew Bones wasn't entirely a dead end, though.

He needed an outside linebacker, preferably Krogan, and a refreshing set of Turian receivers capable of killing a secondary without remorse. Even if it meant his best agent would be lost in the process. He needed a new team, and most importantly, a new leader. He hated himself as the answer rose to the front of his mind, a rush of bewildering excitement and terrifying dread.

He needed help from the Reapers in the form of high throwing power and good deep accuracy. The Houston Cerberus of Milwaukee had experimented with synthetic upgrades developed by an amazingly advanced AI before. The project went sour in more ways than he cared to admit. But part of rebuilding meant revisiting the hell of human experimentation, and he was certain one man, a Spectre, could stand the cybernetic upgrades and horrifying mind-control of the Reapers: Matthew Stafford.

Bengals give:
QB Matthew Stafford 91 OVR
WR Roddy White 93 OVR
WR Marques Colston 91 OVR
CB DeAngelo Hall 81 OVR
CB Javier Arenas 81 OVR
LOLB Rey Maualuga 86 OVR

Texans give:
QB Matt Cassel 83 OVR
WR Andre Johnson 98 OVR
WR Anquan Boldin 86 OVR
CB Nnamdi Asomugha 92 OVR
CB Cortland Finnegan 92 OVR


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Mass Offense: Texans/Bengals Trade Empty Re: Mass Offense: Texans/Bengals Trade

Post by danvitale on Sat Jun 25, 2011 6:40 am

top stuff!

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Mass Offense: Texans/Bengals Trade Empty Re: Mass Offense: Texans/Bengals Trade

Post by radioheadhead on Sun Jun 26, 2011 7:07 am

I dunno about this move Sooz. It might affect you pretty drastically. You may need some time to discover exactly how to run this new team of yours, and your new CB's may not be up to scratch!!

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Mass Offense: Texans/Bengals Trade Empty Re: Mass Offense: Texans/Bengals Trade

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