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Post by Dascenzo on Wed Jun 22, 2011 1:53 am

I left the Panthers in a much better place than I found them. I think. Jimmy Clausen should be, at worst, a mid 80's QB, Chris Johnson is one of the best running backs in all of Maddenland, Aaron Scott is amazing, Demond Cooper set an NFL record for sacks in a season. I spent a ton of bread loaves in free agency and made oodles upon oodles of trades. But the Detroit Lions needed an owner and Ndamukong Suh needs to kick more extra points. Carson Palmer is immediately on the trade block, because FUSC. Frank Gore will probably be traded for a wide receiver because I like to throw the ball. A. LOT. A tight end will be acquired, cornerbacks will be tried out, speedy linebackers that can't tackle will be acquired. All this and more as I wait for Madden 12 so Jahvid Best and a 1st round pick can be traded for Ray Rice.

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