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10 Most Hated Players

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10 Most Hated Players Empty 10 Most Hated Players

Post by mikesuszek on Wed May 25, 2011 9:23 pm

A "Hated" player can mean many things. It may crossover into the most "feared" list, and it may not. But these are the top 10 players in the league that I think are the most hated, for a variety of reasons.

10. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie CB, Redskins - One thing that marked the Washington Redskins this season was the "bulletin board," where owner Kat would continually demand respect from her peers. One of the most-pushed personas on the team has been DRC, one of the league's "shutdown corners." We get it, Kat, he's good. And we hate it.

9. Calvin Johnson Jr. WR, Lions - "Megatron" is hated as the league's most-passed-to receiver, who also holds a top spot for receiving yards and TDs (third in both categories). If the Texans were as effective in their passing game, one would wonder if another Johnson would be on this list, but success draws fear just as it does hate. As in "dammit, I HATE when Gary/Chad manage to get over a hundred yards and 3 TDs with Megatron!"

8. Ben Roethlisberger QB, Redskins - Like another player on this list, Big Ben is hated for a) his talent, b) his owner's great use of him, and c) his real-life shithead personality. The Steelers hated him and were happy to get rid of him, and I'm pretty sure Roethlisberger's current owner doesn't like him very much either.

7. Jon Riddick K, Buccaneers - Chris James of the Buccs made a point to tell the league, via email, about how excellent his kicker is. Chris wasn't horrible in continuing to email the league despite reminders that everyone should use these forums, but that he came at the tail end of a stream of idiocy in the league in failing to respect the "don't spam the league's email list" policy. Therefore, Riddick has earned himself some street cred, but also a helping of hate to go along with that. I see many "roughing the kicker" penalties in future Buccs games. See this forum thread for more details.

6. Jamaal Charles HB, Dolphins - Arguably more pertinent last season, C-Monks has built up a reputation as the guy that runs, and runs really, really well. Charles has been the go-to guy, and were he not sidelined through most of the season, he would be the league's leader in all rushing categories, I'd wager. But the reaction Greg Ford got for putting Charles down for part of the season was that of relief from peers - Charles isn't well-liked because he (and his owner) are so talented.

5. Jay Cutler QB, Bears - The Bears are an excellent team with a great owner in John. But Jay Cutler is one of the few on this list whose real-life personality is a fairly hated one (note: list-maker IS a Packers fan and will accept this argument against him). Not to mention, Cutler was caught taking performance-enhancing drugs at the very beginning of the season along with then-teammate Marques Colston, and their four-game suspension was felt by the whole team. It's all water under the bridge, but Cutler remains a much-disliked representative of one of the best teams in the league.

4. Jamarcus Austin QB, Steelers - Ask Dr. Ken on this one - Everyone hates Jamarcus Austin, except for Steelers owner Adam "Underscore" Hansen. He can pass, he can (and will) scramble, and with many weapons at his disposal, he'll tear apart your defense.

3. Jonathan Stewart HB, Bengals - Former Redskins owner Kat saw "Daily Show" as a curse for her team, and looked forward to the day that she could pass him off to an unlucky owner (that owner being Babyseat of the Bengals). Stewart, like the upcoming player on this list, has a history of being denounced as a terrible player and a terrible teammate.

2. Ray Rice HB, 49ers - Rice-gate is a trading debacle that dates back to last season, but its effects are felt in San Francisco. No, the city doesn't seem to hate Rice, but his previous owner, Dr. Ken of the Ravens, sure makes his distaste of Rice well-known. Since then, Ken has found many reasons to bring up how, like Jonathan Stewart, Ray Rice is overrated. Unlike Stewart however, Rice seems to have a history of pissing off his owners. Both players make it high on this list for sheer infamy, and even being part of league legend for being so hated by particular owners.

1. Philip Rivers QB, Chargers - Only one player in the league is literally hated by everyone: Philip Rivers. Referred to as "the douchebag" and "Penis Rivers" by his own owner, Richard Bae, he deserves every ounce of hate for not only being one of the most successful QBs in the league, but for being an aggravating asshole as well. When your teammates don't even like you, you know you're the most hated player in the league.

Debate below, and create your own lists!


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10 Most Hated Players Empty Re: 10 Most Hated Players

Post by radioheadhead on Wed May 25, 2011 9:30 pm

You missed the easiest one on the list:

Mike Suszek.

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10 Most Hated Players Empty Re: 10 Most Hated Players

Post by undersc_re on Wed May 25, 2011 10:15 pm

-All the guys in the league that feel the need to dive into the endzone every TD. Please, act like you've been there.
-30 yard drop back guy(s).

... Oh wait.. we're talking about the virtual players.

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10 Most Hated Players Empty Re: 10 Most Hated Players

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