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Something I didn't know I wanted from Madden until I played the Bears.

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Something I didn't know I wanted from Madden until I played the Bears.

Post by RealJeffSolo on Fri Apr 22, 2011 2:00 pm

First of all. I loved my game with the Bears last night, and have no issues with what happened (I lost). Even on the plays I got beat on I rarely felt upset by it.

Something that happened late in the game was that he would without pausing the game sub in Josh Johnson, the super speedy back up QB and would run around my D-line to get firsts. After 1-4 plays of this I adjusted my strategy to contain him, it worked but then he swapped QBs again without any notification from the game.

I have no problem with this. Its the equivalent to me of running a wildcat option, but when the wildcat is used in game the announcers specifically say "OH BOY IM BORING, HERES THE WILDCAT" or some stuff like that.

Getting beat by not knowing when subs were happening got me thinking. Why isn't it part of the presentation when players are subbed?

Watching on TV you hear every damn sub that happens. Even HBs for a single play. However in Madden when Hardesty subs in for Jackson at HB I dont know unless I see his name below my QB in the backfield. Announcers say nothing.

I think it is definitly something missing, though I never noticed before, and had it been in the Bears Cowboys game I think he may have had one more punt instead of one more TD.

What do you guys think of this announcment over sight?

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